While the installation of our product is permanent, their appearance doesn't have to be. Window Candles have been specially designed to accommodate the individuality of each and every homeowner. No matter what the color or style your home may be, by selecting from a variety of interchangeable items such as candle bases, colored bulbs and colored sleeves, the integrity of your home's décor can be easily maintained. Window Candles are sure to enhance the beauty of your home both inside and out.

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Make sure you get the correct tools for the job, Flush wires cutter are A MUST, do not install with out.

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All Transformers are 24 volts AC, the candle changes to DC. Fuse protected, but don't short it out. Power up to 15 candles using standard bulbs OR up to 100 new L.E.D. bulbs with WC50VA, call for information regarding all other transformers.

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L.E.D. bulbs now available! These are long lasting bulbs guaranteed 3 years and come in three different types:

Part No. 302-1LED - Single L.E.D. Sun Warm White PLASTIC FROSTED bulb, hard to tell the difference at night.

Part No. 302-2LED - Dual Crystal CLEAR GLASS bulb, this looks similar to the bulb that came with the candles (part #302-C) when new but with two small L.E.D.'s inside.

Part No. 302-3LED - Our Best Selling Bulb! Triple LED CLEAR PLASTIC bulb. The brightest bulb we have, but still a soft warm white light.

ALL L.E.D. Bulbs are sold and priced PER BULB, so if you have 12 candles, order 12 of the ones you want. 100% Money Back Guarantee if not happy.

All of our bulbs are 12VDC and work with all of our candles. All bulbs are the same size and shape no matter the color, plastic or glass. All bulbs are warm white in color with NO BLUE look and as close as you can get in color as an incandescent.

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Our custom made 18/2 stranded yellow wire is the perfect shape and size for our mounting clips to connect the candles. Not all wire is the same. You must have the proper size to fit. Call for details.

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All* of our bases are heavy SOLID BRASS and weigh in at just under 7 oz. Bases come in all the popular finishes and we have matching candle caps to finish it off.

We do have Wooden and Aluminum bases as well, but 95% are Brass with custom finishes.

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WIRE Sale!!! Buy 5 get the 6th. box Free! Offer good through 02-15-2017

BASES Sale!!! All Wooden Bases 50% Off! Offer good through 02-15-2017


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